On 27 January I was privileged to be involved in the filming of a 5th Gear programme for the BBC’s North-One television channel. Theme of the episode was the museum and its collection of South African cars. The Protea, GSM Dart and the Ford Capri Perana all featured and were driven around the property of L’Ormarins with great gusto as only presenter and ex-racing driver Tiff Needell can manage. Yours truly also put in an appearance and I must say that working with Tiff was quite an experience as his sharp sense of humour often had me in stitches right when I was supposed to be looking serious and professional in front of the camera. As a result, many of the takes had to be done more than once. Out of the three different cars he drove that day, Tiff connected the most with the little Dart and said it was quite clear why the car was, and is still, such a little champ on the circuits around South Africa. WH