Tyrrell Time 2

UK classic car celebrity Iain Tyrrell paid another visit to FMM in January while on holiday with his fiancée, Melanie. While it was not a working holiday, last year Iain started his own YouTube channel ‘Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop’, in which he performs workshop tasks on special-interest cars, and a plan was made to video-shoot an episode at FMM. As the museum’s Aston Martin DB4 GT’s motor was not running cleanly at the time, this car was brought out for Iain to do a tune-up. The task was successfully carried out and the whole operation recorded on camera.

Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop had an immediate viewership from people all over the world – the first airing had 16 000 views and garnered 7 500 subscribers in just five days, and has continued to grow ever since. Check out Iain’s exploits on www.iaintyrrell.co.uk and keep a look-out for the FMM Aston tune-up clip, which is currently being edited and will be aired in early February.