Amongst the varied collection of vehicles that form the FMM collection are a number of historic racing cars that, along with all the others, are systematically given a run to blow away any cobwebs. By their very nature, it is not simply a case of switch on, press the button and away you go… Race cars need a degree of fettling before they spring into action but in late October it was a turn for a ‘high five’ of the collection to be given a workout by museum curator Wayne Harley and senior workshop crew members Lorenzo Farella and Deon de Waal. Single-seaters were the ex-Jody Scheckter F1 Tyrrell 007, the ex-John Love Formula 2 Team Gunston Chevron, the ex-Ian Scheckter Formula Atlantic Lexington March and the ex-Sam Tingle LDS, which were joined by the ex-Scuderia Brescia Corse Le Mans Ford GT40.

From different generations, the contrasting sounds of the cars was quite something to savour, and together with the smell of hot engines and lubricant made for a sensory overload. It is a privilege to see and hear these valuable and significant race cars being given regular outings – during the year they are demonstrated at numerous motor sport events throughout the country – rather than simply being mothballed. Just ask Wayne, Lorenzo and Deon about it…