It was a crazy, demanding yet fun filled two weeks filled with cars, bikes and racing heroes. It all started Zwartkops on 1 February with a rare outing of the museum’s ex-John Love Team Gunston Chevron B25 racing car – coincidentally marking FMM’s first visit to the Gauteng circuit. Workshop manager Lorenzo Farella and I made the long journey up to Pretoria to present the car in a five-lap tribute parade to the world’s oldest branded racing team. Yes, Team Gunston made its appearance on the 1 December 1967 at an event held in Bulawayo just before the Rhodesian GP. This momentus step in advertising history taken by Dr. Anton Rupert would change motor sport forever and racing cars would never look the same again.

Team Gunston was a well-supported team over the years and even today it carries tremendous support as was seen by the number of supporters that appeared up in Pretoria. These gents remember drivers and champions like Love, Ian Scheckter, Sam Tingle, Bob Olthoff, Eddie Keizan, Andew Thompson and Paul Hawkins.

After our weekend up in Gauteng it was back home for the Killarney leg of the Passion for Speed series – no parade laps were performed at the Cape Town circuit but Lorenzo did fire-up the car in the pits where the B25 was on display along with a number of other fine ‘wings and slicks’ cars, which are always so impressive to see running.

It was a great privilege and an absolute honour to have been able to present this car and share fitting tribute to a golden era in motor sport. WH  




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