In a tribute to Roger Bannister conquering the mile in less than four minutes – the ‘dream mile’ – 50 years ago, the museum was invited to parade a few classic cars at the Street Mile Festival held in Stellenbosch on March 12. Hosted by the gents hostel Dagbreek, a mile-long course down Victoria Street was marked out and five of FMM’s classics – a 1927 Chevrolet pick-up, 1934 Ford V8 roadster, 1938 Buick DHC, 1954 Citroën Light 15 and a 1965 Ford Mustang had to run the same course. (No problem and they weren’t even out of breath!). It was a fun outing and something totally different to experience on the local front. Incidentally, the first South African to run a sub-four-minute mile was De Villiers Lamprecht on 13 November 1964, also in the town of Stellenbosch. WH