In readiness of the year-end influx of visitors, there is a new display of convertibles in Hall C. The roadsters being put on display are: 1927 Buick Standard, 1929 Hupmobile, 1929 Marquette, 1930 Chrysler, 1930 DeSoto, 1931 Ford, 1932 Ford V8, 1937 Buick, 1938 Chevrolet, 1940 Packard 120 Super 8, and 1960 Alfa Romeo Spider by Carrozzeria Touring.

All of the cars have interesting backgrounds, which are given on the display boards accompanying the cars, but the 1931 Ford revives a couple of interesting South African anecdotes. In 1929 a similar car was driven from Durban to Johannesburg and back in a record-breaking 21 hours 40 mins. In April of the same year, the SS Western Knight, sailing from New York, sank off Port Elizabeth while carrying Model A parts for the Ford factory, which caused a huge production setback. Water damaged cars were sold to bargain hunters at auction.

Estate3 Hupmobile-1929-Eight