Just as in the past, FMM was on display at the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate run at Kenilworth race course in January. However, this year was the first time BMW was on board as sponsor partners and allowed us the opportunity to display a few of the BMWs in our collection. On display we had the 1938 BMW 328 roadster, the 1953 BMW 503, the ex-Madiba 46664 charity 750iL and the BMW-powered McLaren F1, which was a real show stopper. Then just for the anoraks, we had a 1926 Austin 7 (also build as a Dixi under license) which was the car BMW based its first 3/15 model on back in 1929. Oh yes, there was some rather excellent horse racing – and many fashionistas – on view as well…

The L’Ormarins Queens Plate is one of the horse racing world’s premier events and gets better every year. We look forward to being invited back again next year. WH

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