As a contrast to the usual pristine presentation of vehicles at FMM, a new display in Hall 3 features some of the ‘barn finds’ that are part of the museum’s collection. The vehicles are shown in their ‘as found’ condition along with some other motoring parts and accessories, all the items thankfully preserved rather than left to be buried or simply rot away.

The cars on show are a 1922 Rhode racer, 1926 Talbot 14/45, 1927 Calthorpe (one of the last to be made), 1928 Plymouth, 1930 Singer 10, 1935 Armstrong-Siddeley, 1938 Dodge Coupé,  1947 Studebaker Starlight, 1947 Buick Super 50 Coupé and a 1948 Nash Ambassador. DM