Two Wheelin’: 200cc Velocette Valiant

JP du Plessis reports on the FMM workshop’s newly established ‘biker buddies’ making a valiant effort to refresh a rare Velocette…


At first glance, you may think you are looking at a small-scale variety of a BMW, but after taking a closer inspection you would see you are thinking on the wrong side of the English Channel.  This unusual example of a 200cc Velocette Valiant is one of only 1 600 produced at the company’s Hall Green factory in Birmingham, England.

Recently, FMM’s motorbike team (Casey & Wenstley) took some time to warm up and attend to a few issues on the Valiant. Upon first inspection, they found one of the fuel taps was jammed, there was an oil leak, and the fuel lines were terribly perished and had no more flexibility. Work started by removing the faulty fuel tap and cleaning off the perished original seal. Casey made a new cork seal and fitted it along with some thread seal and new fuel hoses. Wenstley modified the centre stand assembly, as it was strangely not reaching the floor unless one used a plank underneath…! The oil was leaking from the gearbox side, so it was drained and the cover resealed. After curing, it was filled with new oil and taken for a test run on the estate. 

Both Casey and Wenstley were happy that the little gremlins were sorted and the Valiant was moved back into storage.

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