Slot Car Championship

FMM’s Slot Car gatherings resumed in February but with the championship’s main category switching to non-magnetic slot cars for 2020, the evening was deemed a practice night so that members could try out their slot cars in this more challenging format. Many new cars appeared together with some older ones that had been modified and as the evening progressed, everyone got more proficient at keeping the cars ‘in the groove’ on the four-lane track, which had been slightly modified to ease marshalling. Lap times steadily improved and the 2020 FMM Championship looks set to be a humdinger. On each race night, races will be held for magnetic cars but the focus will be on the non-magnetic formula.

The February session saw Jackie van Wyk (Audi RS5 DTM) showing the way, covering a total of 76 laps over the 4×3-minute races. Jon Lederle (Mercedes CLK DTM) was next up with 72 laps with Mark Venske (BMW M6 DTM) third with 71 followed by Phil Monk (Ford GT40) and Donny Tarentaal (Audi RS5 DTM) both on 70. Quite a mix of makes.

The first round of the championship will be held on March 4, starting at 18h30.