Sisterly Pride

FMM is proud to be the custodian of rallying Springboks Ewold and Minota-Ann van Bergen’s trophy collection and recently were visited by Minota-Ann’s sister Patricia von Hohenberg with a few of her friends. In 1960, Ewold and Minota-Ann (née Van Niekerk) became SA’s first official rally champions in an Austin A40. But it was with Datsuns that the couple really made their mark. Successes in the Total Rally led to them famously taking part in the 1971 Monte Carlo Rally as members of the works Datsun Rally Team. Sadly, fuel problems in their 240Z forced their retirement from the event. Time constraints precluded Patricia spending more time at the museum, but her party was shown the Van Bergen trophy display by Assistant Curator Cheslynne Ruiters. She remembered some of the trophies that were won by the rallying duo and recalled attending a few of the events that they competed in. Ewold and Minota-Ann can still be found attending motorsport events around the country.