Rear-View Mirror: Mystery Photo

Wendy Monk picks out some interesting historic items from FMM’s photo archives.

This month it is another mystery photo. Again, judging by the writing on the back of the photo, this request may have been published elsewhere some years ago but no answers appear to have been found. So, can anyone identify the car, the location and/or maybe even the driver, please, which shows the lighter (stickier?) side of motor sport…

Last month’s mystery photo has certainly caused some interest. No sooner had the newsletter been circulated than Graeme Cocks, a motoring historian living in Western Australia, e-mailed a response stating that the car appeared to be a circa 1903 four-cylinder Panhard et Levassor. This was followed by two other readers, Sampie Orton and Heinz Barnerth, who suggested it was a circa 1903 De Dietrich. Comparing the two makes, the similarities are considerable. Further studies of the photo, especially the front chassis, radiator and battery location, favoured Graeme’s opinion and when noted veteran car aficionado Len Ward saw the photo, he was in no doubt it is a 1903 10hp Panhard et Levassor. Meanwhile, we might have located an descendant of the driver, Sir George Albu, and are hoping to make contact.