Rear-view Mirror

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Old photographs can evoke some great memories and while sorting through an old collection of black-and-whites we came across these two evocative pictures of saloon cars drifting through Clubhouse Bend (before the pukka Clubhouse was built!) at the old Kyalami circuit in the 1960s. Sadly, no details were written on the back of the pic showing a Fiat 1500, Alfa Romeo Giulia and Alfa Romeo GTV nose-to-tail drifting through Kyalami’s famous bend. The second pic taken at the same corner around the same time shows Louis Cloete’s Renault Gordini being harried for third place by John Conchie in his Fiat 125 in an Onyx Saloon Car Championship race. Clubhouse has always been a favourite spot for photographers and is still part of the new circuit layout.


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