Reach For A Dream foundation visit to FMM

Together with local Ferrari club SEFAC, the museum recently hosted a day’s outing for a group of children belonging to the Reach For A Dream foundation. “It’s always a moving experience being involved, and the reward of seeing the little guy’s faces when they see the cars is an absolute pleasure,” says FMM curator Wayne Harley. Staff member Sumarie Elliott happened to be on the Charabanc when a string of five Ferraris passed the youngsters on their way to PlaasPad, and said the screams of excitement where deafening. At the museum, the boys each received a goodie bag with compliments of SEFAC, and in no time the boys looked like real ‘tifosi’ wearing their caps and T-shirts. After a short visit to the displays and a hearty lunch made up of waffles and milkshakes, it was off to the track to make dreams come true. And the Cape Town Ferrari owners didn’t disappoint they sent along some really cool cars for the group to enjoy, including a 308, 328, 430 M16, 458 Speciale and F12.

“It was a truly awesome day with the youngsters and the owners all leaving with great big beaming smiles. Thank you Jacques and SEFAC,” says Wayne.