Porsche Club Owners visit FMM

In early April, a group of 11 Porsche Club owners from around the world embarked on a nine-day tour of Namibia and South Africa organised by Jason Furness’ Cape Town based Rock Star Cars. Apart from the usual sight-seeing aspect of the tour, as part of the itinerary the group did a tour of the Cape in Porsches of various vintages before visiting L’Ormarins for some wine tasting and a visit to FMM. As well as a presentation and being given a guided tour of the museum’s operation, the group was taken out to the PlaasPad circuit for some chauffeured laps. But instead of using Porsche models, curator Wayne Harley organised some chauffeured laps with a difference.

To give the guests an opportunity to sample something other than latter-day Porsche models, from the museum’s collection came a half-dozen cars with links to either Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche or to the company’s current structure. Ferdinand was once employed by Austro-Daimler and during his tenure was involved with the development of the 1934 Austro-Daimler Bergmeister. He also developed the engine that was used in the 1929 W06 Mercedes-Benz S-Type. Porsche company links with the Volkswagen-Audi Group are shared with Bugatti, Bentley and DKW/Auto Union and these brands were represented by FMM’s 1928 Bugatti T35B, 1930 Bugatti T46, 1928 Bentley 4½-litre and, in complete contrast with the other cars, the 1936 DKW Cabriolet.

Everyone in the group got to ride in each of the cars and thoroughly enjoyed the unique opportunity to experience at one time such a collection of rare and classic cars with a Porsche connection.