Porsche 70th anniversary

Porsche 70 Celebration

In celebration of Porsche’s 70th anniversary this year, currently on display in FMM’s Hall D are five of the famous models that collectively represent the company’s proud history. Heading the line-up is the 1984 956 Le Mans car in its famous Rothmans livery. This is the last of the 10 factory team cars and won races at Silverstone and Mosport. Next in line is a 2005 limited edition Carrera GT and a 1984 928S, one of the front-engine rear-wheel drive models intended to be a replacement for the 911. It was Porsche’s first V8-engined production car. Then we have the iconic 1979 930 Turbo, the first turbocharged 911 and bearer of the infamous ‘whale tail’ rear spoiler. Finally there is a 1965 912, the four-cylinder model aimed at bridging the gap between the 356 and 911.