Back on Heritage Day, FMM curator Wayne Harley was invited by the Classic Motorcycle Club (Cape) chairman Howard Boetcher to give a presentation. The club meets regularly at the Tokai Library where the guys get together and kick tyres, have a beer and, naturally, have a braai. Wayne presented the museum’s 1926 350 cm3  AJS G3, a bike Cranley Jarman had bought for £4.10s in 1934 and converted into a racing machine that he then rode to victory in the 1936 Durban-Johannesburg race. After his death, the bike found its way to the Heidelberg Museum where the great motorcyclist Hew Hollard rebuilt it and rode it in the 2000 D-J Commemorative Run. This little bike may not have the pedigree of the AJS G6s that won the Isle of Man TT back in the day but it won over the guys at the CMCC in a very big way and will always be remembered as the bike that won the very last D-J in period. WH

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