While most motor sport enthusiasts can only dream of having the resources to own a famous South African race car or two, there is a way of doing so – in miniature. Three guys, Clayton Cunningham, Emil Sluiter and Ferdie Stone, created a group concentrating on recreating famous SA race cars in 1:43 scale, concentrating on cars not produced by anyone else. They have two styles of building, one by modifying existing die-cast and resin models and using period reference material for best attention to detail and utilising self-made decals and wheels purchased from around the globe that best replicate the real items. The second process is by building  and modifying a prototype body to best replicate the actual car, then making a mould and making resin castings of the body and chassis, which are then detailed with Vacuform windows and  photo-etched and resin parts.

The models are sold both in kit form as well as completely built models in display boxes. The group’s plan is to make many iconic cars of the unforgotten golden era of RSA motorsport from the 9-Hour races, Wynns 1000, Group 1, Manufacturers’ Challenge, Group N, Wesbank Modifieds, etc. One-off custom builds are also undertaken for customers. For more information, contact Clayton at or 012 346 3118 or 082 824 7750.