GSM Dart Turns 60 With Chassis #1

Dart Turns 60 With Chassis #1

Bob van Niekerk had a dream in the 1950s to build a South African sports car. He teamed up with Willie Meissner and Verster de Wit and with their individual talents they created a car which they called the GSM Dart. Bob’s dream became a reality when the first production car left the factory in 1958, and 60 years later we have the privilege to celebrate the event with the first production GSM Dart, chassis number 5801, which has just been found.


On Sunday 23 September FMM will host a display of the first 10 GSM Darts to be built, organised by the GSM Car Club of SA. Other Darts and Flamingos will also be on view at what will be a very special occasion, a proud moment in South Africa’s motoring heritage.