FMM slot car championship

Into the second half of the year and Round 2 of the FMM Slot Car Championship took place in July with some new cars, new drivers and no let-up in rivalries. The Touring Car Championship went to Pieter Venter who was a model of consistency over the two heats with his Jaguar XKR-S. Behind Pieter was a tightly-knit pack of seven cars headed by Mark Venske, who debuted his new Lamborghini Huracan, just ahead of Franklin Smit’s Ford Mustang. Franklin won the Historic class and Wayne Harley was the best of the non-magnetised cars with his Fiat 131 Abarth.

In the Sports Car Championship, Jon Lederle with his Audi RS5 DTM once again led the pack from his arch-rival Donny Tarentaal’s similar car and Tertius van Wyk’s BMW M4 DTM. Japie Arangies won the Historic class with his Chaparral and Jon also won the non-magnetised class with his first outing with a Porsche 908.

As part of the evening’s racing, a new Enduro Challenge. Team Europe comprising Tertius (Porsche 911 GTC), Pieter (Jaguar XKR-S), Andre Loedolff (Volvo S60) and Thys Roux (Maserati MC Trofeo) won the 24-minute enduro from the four Audis of Team RS5 driven by Jon, Donny, Phil Monk and Martin Lourens.

Exciting news is that later in the month, on a busy Saturday the basis a new four-lane track was constructed and it is planned that the finishing touches will be completed in time for the circuit to be used at the next meeting on August 1. The actual track pieces were kindly donated by Jon and a demanding circuit layout was put together by Jon, Mark, Wayne, Joe Inus, Michael West and Mike and Phil Monk.

All the materials were paid for from proceeds taken at the slot car stand on FMM’s Father’s Day open day, and over time the track be developed into an impressive slot car racing venue.

Race meetings are held in the evening of on the first Wednesday of each month.