Maserati Waterfront

Fmm joins Maserati at the V&A Waterfront

The second annual Maserati Cape Town Race Week took place at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront from 15-20 December with L’Ormarins/FMM as new partners. This premier yachting regatta acts as a prelude to the Cape2Rio Yacht Race, the main start of which took place on New Year’s Day, and has become a prestigious event for sailors from South Africa and around the world. Event director Simon Borchert described the occasion as “an amazing opportunity to celebrate the city’s sailing heritage and combine it with Cape Town’s many accolades. It showed the other side of sailing – the fun side – and opened up a sport and pastime that is mysterious to many”.

Spectators and fans were able to visit the Race Pavilion located on Jetty 2, view the regatta boats up close, enjoy a number of pop-up stores as well as the Corsa Classica – Maserati’s exhibition of some of its rarest vehicles as well as the unveiling of its new SUV, the Levante. The rare vehicle collection comprised four of FMM’s cars that were on permanent display during the race week – the 1937 6CM, 1948 4CLT, 1954 250F and 1956 150S. Invited guests were driven from the V&A to the museum to view the rest of the collection. As part of the race week package deal, L’Ormarins estate wines were offered and served during what was a major attraction for locals, holidaymakers and overseas tourists alike.

One of the many post-race activities was a VIP charity event with proceeds donated to the The Royal Cape Sailing Academy and The Ripple Effect, an organisation committed to the preservation and conservation of the Western Cape’s coastline.

“There is a clear synergy between the majestic yachts, the daring sport of sailing, and Maserati’s tradition of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology,” said Brad Graaff, Maserati’s Operations Manager for European Automotive Imports – South Africa. FMM was proud to have been part of the event, taking the opportunity to showcase some of the magnificent race cars in its collection that epitomise Maserati’s racing pedigree. MM