Fmm Bugattis at Val De Vie

Following on from the SA Historic Grand Prix Festival taking place in East London on 25 November, there will be a garden party at Val de Vie on December 1-2 where the participating overseas and local grand prix cars from the 1934-39 era will be part of over 120 of the country’s classic cars on display. Part of this already impressive gathering will be a number of post-vintage Bugattis, including four from FMM’s collection, the likes of which have never previously been seen together in South Africa.


Amongst the participating cars are the inaugural race-winning Whitney Straight Maserati 8CM and the 1937-winning Pat Fairfield ERA R4A. Also taking part are the Dick Shuttleworth Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3 from the 1936 race, a brace of ex-SA Grand Prix MGs including the K3 that Dick Seaman drove in 1934, a number of Rileys, Bugattis and two Aston Martin Ulsters. The Grand Prix cars will be paraded on a short road circuit within the estate.


It is an historic opportunity to see these incredible cars up close and hear and smell their irreplaceable allure. “This is the realisation of a dream,” said event organiser, Mark Woolley from Speedstream Events. “It’s the culmination of 19 months of hard work to secure the cars, unpack the history, and truly appreciate the contribution South Africa has made to motor sport. To actually see and hear these cars is an immensely emotional and satisfying experience.”


For further information, logon to or on Facebook – SA Historic Grand Prix Festival.