Film night at FMM


The first Motor Movie Festival @ Franschhoek Motor Museum (film night) will be held on 22 and 23 October. Few places other than Anthonij Rupert Wyne’s L’Ormarins estate allow for the friendly meeting of cars and wine, and at MMF@FMM car lovers and movie fans can combine their passions and relive the drive-in (indoors!) experience by watching motor-themed movies while seated in a classic 1930s, ’40s or ’50s car from the museum’s famous collection.

The two-day festival includes four movie screenings, presented in a way that could only be possible at a motor museum on a wine farm. Festival goers will get to view the automotive exhibition – including a display of cars with links to well-loved movies – taste wines from the Anthonij Rupert range, enjoy a movie screening from the seat of a special car (glass of wine in hand) and round off the experience with a roadhouse burger and gourmet milkshake in the museum’s Pitstop Café.

The movies selected for screening are:

  • The original The Italian Job (1969), loved for its car chase involving three Minis and starring Michael Caine and Noël Coward.
  • Vanishing Point (1971) that brings together Barry Newman, a collection of counter culture characters and a white Dodge Challenger in an epic 15-hour race.
  • Midnight Run (1988) features a host of American cars, from a Ford Crown Victoria to a Chevrolet Caprice, in a caper starring Robert de Niro as a bounty hunter on a trying assignment.
  • Thelma & Louise (1991), in which a fishing trip gone wrong sparks a flight from the law in a ’66 Ford Thunderbird. Star-studded with Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, Brad Pitt and Harvey Keitel.

For the lunch-time event, festival-goers arrive at 10h00 to view the museum’s cars as they taste Anthonij Rupert wines. At 11h00 the movie starts with everyone seated in a car. Afterwards, there’s the roadhouse meal at the Pitstop Café to look forward to. The evening event follows the same format and commences at 16h00 with the screening at 17h00.

Bookings are through . The ticket price of R395 includes the movie, the road house meal, a tasting of various wines and a visit to the motor museum.