The organisers of the 8th Century Run have had to cancel the event, which was scheduled for 30 March. The first seven Century Runs were run by the Cape Vintage Motorcycle Club (CVMC) which is affiliated to SAVVA (South Africa Veteran and Vintage Association) for administration and insurance purposes. SAVVA in turn through the Historic and Classic Car Commission is affiliated to Motorsport South Africa – the controlling body for all motor sport in South Africa.

At the SAVVA AGM in 2013 a motion was passed that all vehicles taking part in a recognized SAVVA event would need to have insurance on their vehicles or take out insurance on the day, under the SAVVA scheme. The levy for this would be R50. Representations have been made to both SAVVA and the Motorsport Council member to have the Century Run excluded from the ruling as the levy went against the concept of the Run, namely that there would be no cost to the entrants. The only stipulation was that all entrants had signed indemnities either through a SAVVA affiliated club or granted for the event under the auspices of the CVMC.

After considerable discussion within the CVMC, the decision was taken not to go with the event this year.