Breakfast Club International

BCI recently paid a visit to FMM and Wayne Harley took the group on a tour of the museum and workshop, finishing off with starting up and running the Manx Norton.

BCI’s roots go back to 1990 when Tony Tilling and Brian Hoskins began meetings for breakfast on a regular basis to talk bike stuff. Word soon spread and before long other bikers joined in and the number has now risen to 48. “Quite a mixed bag of guys with mostly two-wheeled leanings although anything unusual with an engine will get our attention. The ‘International’ part of the BC is really just a bit of fun as we have three members who now live overseas,” says Tony with a grin. “All of us are involved in motorsport, restorations, motor businesses and we even have champions the likes of Jack Watts and Mike Cameron amongst us. Everyone enjoyed their FMM visit so much that we would like to make it an annual occasion.”

BCI meet at Primi Willowbridge in Tyger Valley otherwise at Donfords Motorrad CT coffee shop.