33 Stradale


One of the Alfa Romeo brand’s most iconic cars, the 33 Stradale, turned 50 years old in September. First presented on 31 August 1967 on the eve of the Italian Formula 1 GP at Monza, the 33 Stradale was presented as the ideal expression of the bond between the racing world and on-road cars.

The 33 Stradale was created by Franco Scaglione with technology directly derived from the Tipo 33 sports/racing cars, which brought Alfa Romeo may successes. The golden anniversary is being celebrated with an exhibition entitled “33 La bellezza necessaria” (33: Necessary Beauty) at the Museo Storico in Arese. Examples on view include the prototype along with five of the six concept cars created from the 33 chassis – Carabo, Iguana, 33/2 Speciale, Cuneo and Navajo. There are also the 33/2 Daytona, 33/3, 33 TT12 and 33 SC12 turbo racing cars, representing a history that has had a lasting influence on all Alfa Romeo cars from 1967 to the present day.