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Project 37 of 40

Following the launch of the iconic 300SL Gullwing in New York in 1954, MERCEDES-BENZ introduced a Roadster at the 1957 Geneva Motor Show, effectively replacing the coupé in the process. The Roadster was visually similar but had larger fenders, different headlamps, a smaller grille and a chrome strip down the side. The open-top body was not as strong as the coupé’s and the chassis had to be reinforced to add rigidity and allow the use of conventional doors.

The three-litre, fuel-injected, in-line six-cylinder engine received a small power increase to offset the car’s heavier weight. The Roadster was able to reach 250 kilometres per hour.  At the rear, a low-pivot swing axle with compensating spring was adopted to help counter the Gullwing’s dangerous high-speed handling traits.

Distinctive and rare knock-off Rudge wheels was an option later fitted to this 1958 model, as were disc brakes that became standard from 1961. A total of 1858 cars were built up to 1963.



Year 1957
Country of Origin Germany
Engine Type 6 cylinder SOHC 2996cc
Power Output 240 BHP
Transmission Type 4 speed
Braking System unknown
Top speed 209 to 241 km/h